Processing scrap metal at a Proler facility


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High-volume processing

With processing facilities in the Port of Houston, Proler has all the capabilities and transport modes necessary to accommodate high volumes of scrap metal. We also offer barge and rail access, facilitated by high-capacity cranes and industry-leading efficient processing.

Reliable transportation

Our drivers are highly trained and salaried, so there are no incentives for them to speed or otherwise compromise your site’s safety record. Our trucks and boxes also feature cameras and GPS trackers, helping you track scrap metal from your facility to ours.

Customized ESG reporting

Recycling metal can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, particularly in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Proler can provide detailed documentation in support of your ESG reporting, customized to your sustainability needs.

Intellectual property protection

Often, scrap metal has proprietary value—design or engineering information unscrupulous recyclers would be willing to share with competitors. Proler protects your IP and can provide proof of destruction to secure your peace of mind.

Deep, dependable connections

We have trusted, long-standing relationships with large manufacturers and steel mills all over the country. Because of exacting processes for cutting, grading, and separating, those who do business with Proler are confident in the quality and consistency of what we ship, allowing us to command highly competitive pricing for scrap.

Custom solutions

If you have a challenge, we’ll figure it out. From collecting and transport to processing and documentation, we control every stage of the process. With that expertise, we can design solutions for your unique needs and process requirements, maximizing efficiency and safety.

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