Certification of Destruction

Protect your intellectual property by properly recycling your proprietary technology.

A customer's highly valuable intellectual property being properly disposed of

A team you can trust

Decommissioning a proprietary asset can be nerve-wracking. Not only must you dismantle and dispose of the equipment, but you need to protect your company's intellectual property. Scrapping proprietary equipment can be a risk—but not with Proler.

We know it takes trust to hand your intellectual property over to an industrial recycling partner, and we take that trust personally. We mean that literally—the Proler team performs all of the scrapping work and signs our name to the Certificates of Destruction. No shortcuts, no worries.

A process you can verify

The old saying goes "trust, but verify," and at Proler we're built for both.  When you ask us to, we'll document the entire destruction process with photos and certificates. We understand the liability that comes with cutting corners, and trust us—we want that less than you do.

We'll also provide proof that your product went straight to a steel mill for remelting, and wasn't sold to a third party. This can eliminate a vector for intellectual property theft and ensure you're maximizing your salvage value.

Had your fill of unreliable recycling services?

Let’s start the conversation for how Proler can help you properly destroy your proprietary assets at end-of-life.

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