Surplus Inventory Repurchasing

Convert inventory liabilities to your advantage

A pile of pipes about to be recycled

Reliable, from end to end

Off-spec or improperly machined pipe is a problem that can stack up fast. Proler provides a reliable and comprehensive recycling solution that can help you get this unusable inventory off your property and your books, while helping you achieve top commodity pricing for scrapped pipe, casing, or tubing.

Documented transport

Our trucks are equipped with GPS and cameras, which helps document tracking and weight management from your yard to our recycling facility. We can also provide detailed ESG reporting for your sustainability initiatives. Best of all, our drivers are salaried, which means they’re never compromising safety by taking on other deliveries.

Your direct line to smarter inventory management

Let’s start the conversation for how Proler can help you increase the efficiency and profitability of your pipe recycling initiatives.

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