Why choose Proler?

There are other ways,
and then there’s the Proler Way.

At Proler, we earn the enduring trust of our customers, not just through our words, but our actions. We call this the Proler Way.

The Proler Way means more than just maintaining ethical business practices. We believe in going above and beyond the normal, distinguishing ourselves by delivering value to customers in tangible and unexpected ways.

Ultimately, we help you minimize loss and, in the process, make scrap-metal recycling something you don’t have to worry about.

Total transparency

Instead of merely proclaiming our integrity, we prove it, by documenting the full chain of custody throughout the process. From our custom financial reporting to the GPS and video cameras installed on our bins, we offer complete transparency and monitoring capabilities. That includes the verification of our weighing procedures and having our scales certified and audited on a regular basis.

Commitment to safety

We have an impeccable safety record. We insist on maintaining that at our facility, your facility, and everywhere in between—because the last thing you want is a vendor who puts your organization or people at risk. Going beyond compliance, we embrace a culture of safety with high standards, training, and protocols. Our drivers are incentivized by safety and service, not by the number of loads they complete.

All in on service

Customers have direct access to our management team, and everyone in our organization is an ambassador to that service-driven culture. If something should go wrong, we err on the side of the customer and will respond within 24 hours to remedy the issue, no questions asked.

A Proler team member performing his duties

Advancing sustainability

As a recycling business, we are dedicated by design to conserve the Earth’s natural resources. Because mining and steel manufacturing are extremely carbon-intensive activities, using recycled metal dramatically cuts carbon emissions. Proler takes it further, with a fuel-efficient truck fleet and barge and rail transport. With detailed documentation in support of your ESG process, we also help support your sustainability initiatives.

Built for efficiency

Our high-volume recycling facility is located in the Port of Houston. With barge and rail access, it’s designed for high-volume scrap metal processing, supported by in-house trucking and a fully integrated ERP system. As the largest independent industrial scrap metal recycler in Texas, we uniquely combine strength and flexibility to deliver unparalleled efficiency, safety, and competitive pricing.

Experience the Proler Way

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