Specialty Heavy Lift Projects

When you need to recycle your biggest assets, let Proler do the heavy lifting.

A series of cranes lifting a heavy piece of equipment to be recycled

Moving seriously heavy metal

When it's time to decommission your biggest assets, logistics can be a nightmare. Moving, storing, dismantling, and scrapping large assets requires space and serious horsepower.

At Proler, we've got space to spare. Our advantageous location in the port of Houston means we can store and scrap your asset safely. Plus we can leverage our vast network of logistics partners to move your piece via truck, rail, or barge.

Recycling with confidence

When your asset arrives on site, our trained staff can safely move it into our facility to be processed. We'll carefully break down the asset, ensuring you retain as much salvage value as possible.

If your asset represents a proprietary technology or competitive advantage, you can rest assured that our fully documentable process ensures that your piece is fully destroyed.

Had your fill of unreliable recycling services?

Let’s start the conversation for how Proler can help you safely recycle your biggest assets.

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