Industrial Scrap Metal Services

A smooth-running efficiency machine

One of Proler's industrial scrap services bins

Trust and safety, made to order

It’s not just a matter of finding a company and assuming every company can handle your bin and container services the way you need. You need a trusted partner who has your best interests at heart. Proler will provide a customized solution to fit your needs and capacity, with the right bin size and delivery schedules to maximize your operational costs and processes.

Our salaried drivers answer to you and work for us, which means they’re not incentivized by the number of trips they make. You can count on them to be at your facility on time, deliver your scrap metal directly to us for recycling, and rigorously adhering to all safety protocols every mile of the way.

Innovating transparency

Our bins and trucks feature GPS tracking and cameras, providing historical and visual documentation of your scrap metal. With this technology comes the power to manage end-to-end chain of custody, along with custom ESG reporting, documentation for financial reporting, and proof of destruction for any proprietary IP scrap.

Bins are available in 20-, 30-, and 40-yard sizes.

Had your fill of unreliable recycling services?

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